As a proud graduate of Beechwood Elementary and John A. Brashear High School, I value the work done in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Through my existing relationships with our school board, teachers and administrators, I will work to ensure our students have the resources they need to be successful. I will also continue to support the expansion of career and technology education programs, and the inclusion of diversity initiatives that benefit students and improve their education.

  • I will work hard to expand vocational programs in school. My family did not have the ability to put me through college, but they did put a hammer in my hands. I want to partner with our unions to help create a pipeline for students to find careers after they earn their diplomas, just like I did.

  • We need more investment into after school and summer programs in our district. From sports to arts to academic enrichment, after school programs can provide a supplemental, outside of the classroom education to our kids.

  • City Council needs to foster its relationship with local high schools, to show our understanding and importance of investing in our youth. Our students are the most important investment we can make!