Public Works

Too often, we take our public infrastructure for granted until it begins to fail us. Like my slogan says, we need to get “Back to Basics.” You have my commitment that I will work on your behalf to ensure that the maintenance and upkeep of our streets, parks and facilities is priority. And when there are concerns with paving, potholes or our water, they will be addressed quickly and correctly.

  • There is nothing more basic than turning on your faucet and expecting clean water. I will ensure that we invest in public works and modernize our water infrastructure. All city residents, regardless of water service provider, deserve to have equal access to clean water.

  • First and foremost, I will be responsive to your 311 calls. More than 33% of calls are in regards to potholes, overgrowth, and paving requests. I will create a system in my office that properly addresses each and every one of your 311 concerns.

  • The current state of our street infrastructure is unacceptable. I will prioritize street paving, replacement and maintenance as a cornerstone of my agenda to not only modernize our Main Streets, but our neighborhoods and parks as well.