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Public Works 4th Division 

In my first term I have been able to achieve many things for District 4 and Pittsburgh as a whole, but, in my opinion, the single most important was my successfully lobbying for the return of the Public Works Division to our district. Before I took office, under my predecessor’s watch, the division had been shut down leaving residents without basic services or a plan/commitment to rebuild! My first action as a Councilmember was to work with the Mayor and Councilman Kraus to secure funding, assist in site development and community outreach to develop a division campus that would meet the needs of our community and restore one of the most crucial elements in guaranteeing residents get their fair share of services. The division will be operational before the end of my first term. With the return of the division, Public Works’ service to the South Hills will only increase in both quality and quantity of work. 

Broadway Avenue Redevelopment 

Under my leadership, I have been able to push forward the revitalization of Beechview’s Broadway Avenue. By partnering with the community, local and state leaders, and organizations like the URA, Broadway Avenue is quickly becoming one of Pittsburgh’s best main streets. From the addition of street art to changes in the flow of traffic, Broadway is now a safer and more vibrant thoroughfare! My hard work does not stop there, as I have worked closely with small businesses like Tim’s Corner Market and Las Palmas as they continue to reinvest in District 4. I am also happy to have welcomed new businesses like Chicken Latino, who was able to receive assistance from the URA. More work is to come to Broadway as well, including increasing the number of small businesses to continued infrastructure improvements to Pittsburgh’s most unique main street. 

Parks Investments

Whether it is the resurfacing of the basketball court in Phillips Park or the new playground equipment that will soon be installed; the addition of parking lot lights at Brookline Memorial Park, or the state-of-the-art ADA accessible stands at the Dek Hockey Rink; the improvements in our parks are easy to see! Other projects currently underway are replacement of the Moore Park pool and the renovation of the bathrooms and concession stand at the Dek Hockey Rink. The goal is to have both projects completed by July 4, 2021, so plan to get out and enjoy these amenities this summer. Through my formation of a coalition of District 4 residents, I fought to make sure the newly implemented Parks Tax was not turned over to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Without the unified voice of District 4, Council would have given hard-earned taxpayer money to a non-profit group with zero oversight. Because of our advocacy, the plan in place puts these funds into our parks by hiring more parks employees, and by investing in capital projects, equipment, and programming.

I personally do not approve of new taxes on homeowners, but if one is levied on us, I will always fight to make sure our tax dollars are accounted for and make their way into our district.



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